Still Wasting Time Looking For Legal USA PayPal Casinos - Really?

Time and time again the question is asked: "Are there any legal USA PayPal casinos?" Unfortunately as we approach the end of yet another monumental year the answer still remains the same. Why on earth is that, what with legalized gambling for residents in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada now all starting to gear up, surely it's about time this trusted US financial transactions company were finally involved in helping out its own country's nationals, when it comes to them finding payment solutions as well?

It's best to keep a level head if Canadian or American and searching for legal USA PayPal casinos, why? Well consider this. Not all casinos are created equal. Just because there may be a casino that offers the use of PayPal for player deposits and withdrawals of winnings, doesn't automatically mean that the casino is a safe one to do business with online. Yes read that again! It is very easy to get seduced with wonderful bonuses and prizes and all one's incredible favorite games, and then find out that it's not an available payment option, to use one's PayPal account.

The immediate re-action depending what other options are available may not be a happy one, but it's important to realize some casinos still go out of business. There have been some casinos that offered PayPal to other countries that didn't hang around too long, so if making a judgement on where to play, don't make it solely dependent on them offering PayPal or not. It's still not a 100% fool proof indicator as to the casino's reliability.

Credit cards these days are amazingly well protected against fraud, and if ever something goes wrong online, all that grief that everyone constantly goes through remembering passwords, first dog's name, favorite football team and sending off utility bill copies, and proof of residency is well worth it, just in case one ever gets caught by some unscrupulous operator.

Till the time comes when there are legal USA PayPal casinos, just do what needs to be done to keep funds secure, there's still plenty of other secure options!