Legal Distiction of Poker - a game of chance or skill?

As poker became more and more popular in the past few years, more and more people began to lock their eyes on playing it. The fact that many had already gained outstanding prizes from the game made it more appealing to everyone's eyes and sooner or later, even beginners have cultivated their thoughts on the idea that even they can have a shot on a triumphant winning just with luck alone. However, every wager or player who would observe a single round of the game will surely fall with the same question and topic in mind - what I'm talking about is the legal distinction of poker - chance or skill.

For a beginner in the game, there will without a doubt, be a shred of hope in his eyes that he have a chance in winning the game even without knowing anything about it and fully giving everything based on his luck. However, for those who are quite knowledgeable or fond of the game. They will surely disagree with this and immediately say that without skill, there's simply a near-to-zero possibility that you can defeat a professional in a game. These will also be further proven with the fact that those who have more skills in the game has proven to have more consistent winnings when compared to their counterparts.

While without a doubt, both luck and skill have a fair amount of contribution in one's winning in the game, the remaining question would be what comes out on top - is it skill or chance that exceeds the other? According to various studies that you can read from the internet, the fact that professionals of the game consistently gain victories in the game while unskilled ones have a hard time winning for months - these is already proof enough that it somehow tipped favor to the game of skill. However, in the legislations eyes, everything is scrutinized and therefore are still carefully observed by the higher ups as an outstanding amount of money is involved - not to mention, free of tax. These made some online poker to be deemed as a chance game, while some as skill.